Welcome to Machiko's Tai Chi classes

Machiko's Tai chi classes are held in the beautiful
Mahonia Community Room
Second Floor

Mahonia Building (Gray colored building)
120 Shelton McMurphey Blvd
Eugene, Oregon 97401

New class schedule effective Oct 1, 2020 is posted on the Tai Chi Schedule Page
Class sizes are limited to 9 persons to provide safe social distancing.
MASKS required in all classes.

Please see important information about parking
at the Mahonia and Hummingbird Buildings

on the Tai Chi Schedule Page



Machiko was honored as a 2012 Living Inspiration
 by the Age Knows No Difference Project of Lane County, Oregon

Article about Machiko "The Art of Serenity" at Ethos

The slow and graceful movements of Tai Chi are often called ‘poetry in motion’ or ‘moving meditation.’ This ancient Chinese martial art is quickly growing in popularity in the West. 



    Tai Chi has many benefits:

    •   Physical strengthening of the body
    •   Improving balance and flexibility
    •   Lowering blood pressure
    •   Reducing stress


    As a result, Tai Chi is not only an exercise program for all ages, but also one which encourages mental relaxation and stimulates internal energy.

    T'ai chi ch'uan is an ancient martial art that has developed over the centuries. The theories and practices of Tai Chi are closely tied to many of the Chinese principles, including Taoism and Confucianism.

    There are five forms of Tai Chi, named after the families that originated them:
    • Chen - style;
    • Yang - style;
    • Wu - or Wu/Hao style (developed by Wu Yu-hsiang)
    • Wu - style of Wu Ch-uan-yu;
    • Sun - style
    Training in Tai Chi is either solo, or with a partner. There are also weapons forms of Tai Chi, and Machiko also teaches Tai Chi using a fan as well as Tai Chi sword.

    Tai Chi has become popular as an activity not only for its health benefits, but also as a philosophical practice. Come visit a class today and join in!