All Classes are taught by Machiko Shirai
in Eugene, Oregon

Phone: 541-683-8626

Daytime Eugene Tai Chi Classes are held at:

            Mahonia Community Room

            Second Floor

            (gray colored building)

            120 Shelton McMurphey Blvd.

            Eugene, Oregon 97401

HOW TO ENTER: The Mahonia Building is gray, and is located a few blocks east of the REI store. To enter the building, use the north entrance where there are stairs and an elevator

At the east end of the Mahonia Building (gray building) there are seven spots available for parking -- marked Visitors. On the west end of the Mahonia Building, there are several spots marked Placido's Restaurant that are available ONLY ON MONDAYS -- NOT ON OTHER DAYS OF THE WEEK. At the west end of the Hummingbird Building (red building) there are several spots marked for Visitors. There is also parking in the gravel area just before turning into the parking area west of the Hummingbird Building. There is also 2-hour free street parking nearby.
Do not park in parking spots between the east and west Hummingbird buildings., and do not park in the other marked Hummingbird parking spaces. Do not park in the signed public parking area that is east of Mahonia Building (it is a pay parking lot). Your car may be towed. It’s your responsibility to find the right parking space. Carpooling is recommended.

QUIET PLEASE: Please be quiet coming into and leaving the building, especially in the hallways. All the suites are rented to other groups. Avoid socializing in the building.

MAKEUP CLASSES: You are welcome to come to any class for makeup.

Eugene Class Schedule (effective Oct 1,2020)

Class sizes are limited to 9 persons per class for safe social distancing.
MASKS are required in all classes

Daytime classes:
 Monday & Wednesday 8:30-9:30 am
 Monday & Wednesday 9:45-10:45 am
 Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-9:30 am
 Tuesday & Thursday 9:45-10:45 am

Evening class:
 Monday & Wednesday 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

All taichi classes (daytime and evening) meet in the Mahonia Community Room, Mahonia Bldg (see above)




Eugene Tai Chi Classes cost $60 per month.  Single walkin session $10.

Medical Qi Gong for warm up and cool down.

Tai Chi:  24 simplified Yang style

            42 combined form

            Chen Style Old Frame Route 1

            Chen Style Old Frame Route 2


Tai Chi Fan Class ($8/session for walk-in) 

Saturdays : 
Saturday 12/28/19 3-4 PM. Saturday 1/11/20 1-2 PM. Saturday 2/8/19 tentatively 1-2 PM.
Please check regularly with Machiko for Tai Chi fan meeting dates.
Tai Chi fan classes held in the Multiple Purpose Room; St. Jude's Catholic Church; 4330 Willamette St., Eugene, OR 97405. 
Please contact Machiko for more information.

Tai Chi Sword Class ($8/session for walk-in)   

Every Friday:  9:15 am to 10:15 am.

Sword Classes are held at:

4330 Willamette Street
Eugene, Oregon 97405 

Learn 32 Yang style, Chen style and Wu Dang Style


Machiko also teaches Tai Chi through the Continuing Education Program at Lane Community College.  More information is available through LCC.